Workshops, workshops, workshops!

This summer I’ve taught more linocut workshops than ever before. As well as my linocut and letterpress course in Italy I’ve done a drop-in workshop with High Roller Society at Stour Space in Hackney, a three-day multi-block printing workshop at Art Academy London and two little workshops at Hello Print Studio in Margate: a one-day workshop and an evening workshop with Forts Book Share making bookplates. To top it all off last weekend I did a two-day course at the V&A Museum in London making linocut artists’ books.

V&A workshop

I’m not a naturally outgoing person, so teaching is something that was quite scary at first (I did my first printmakingworkshop at East London Printmakers 6 or 7 years ago) but the experience of standing in front of a group of people (often older and wiser than me) listening intently to every tidbit of information has taught me confidence and I now love it. My day-to-day working life doesn’t involve much human contact so teaching gives me a regular shot of social interaction to balance out the peaceful days of printing on my own in the studio. Meeting people from other walks of life is rewarding too: nurses, bus drivers, architects and scientists supplement the regular contingent of students, illustrators and designers wanting to develop their portfolio.

Hello Print Studio linocut workshop

I have lots more workshops coming up this Autumn, mostly at Hello Print Studio, where we will also be hosting an Italian woodcut workshop with Umberto Giovannini and a couple of workshops from this year’s Pushing Print festival: a Gocco printing workshop and a story-telling and book-making workshop. I now have facilities for other printmaking processes too and you can sign up for screenprinting, etching or an Intro to Printmaking evening course. I will also be collaborating with my fellow Resort Studios artist Rachel Ella Taylor, who runs Materials Lab. We are running an experimental morning workshop in concrete-casting linocuts. You can see the full workshop programme on the Hello Print Studio website and any linocut workshops I have planned (wherever they may be) are listed on the workshops page of my Linocutboy website.

Below are some images from my recent workshops. You can find more on my flickr and facebook pages.

Hello Print Studio

Hello linocut workshop

Art Academy London

Dragon linocut Pig linocut Man in Hat linocut Elephant linocut Hare linocut Beetle linocut White horse linocut Halloween linocut

V&A Museum, London

flamingo linocut diver linocut umbrella linocut IMG_3721 hare linocut rabbit book linocut