Throne Together – a Linocutboy workshop

I have just finished putting together the finished books from my Royal Wedding Souvenir Linocut Book workshop at Material in Ludlow. You can see the photos from the workshop in this previous post. Each participant carved and printed a bride or groom character of their choice and these were then paired up. The book opens so you can view the happy couples in lots of different combinations.

Here’s the cover which I designed (I did it very quickly!) The title of the book ‘Throne Together’ was the result of an extended brainstorming session with the group lasting several minutes.

The pages were hand printed during the workshop on newsprint paper using a baren (japanese printing tool). I printed the covers on red card stock back at East London Printmakers using their Tofko press.

To assemble the books I trimmed all the pages roughly to size then scored the cover where I wanted it to bend using the back of a normal knife:

I then stapled the pages together using a long-armed stapler and trimmed the edges and the central join to make it all neat and tidy.

Here is the finished book showing how it opens and a few photos of the wonders that lie within: