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BIG ASS Linocut exhibition at High Roller Society in London

BIG ASS Linocuts and Linomations is an exhibition of large-scale prints and animation which I have curated. In October 2011 it was exhibited at the Pie Factory in Margate as part of Pushing Print festival and now it is coming to High Roller Society in London. The exhibition features some of my favourite linocut artists […]

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Linocut Masks

Whilst randomly searching for linocuts on the internet I have come across some very nice images which I thought would make an inspiring post on the theme of masks. There seems to be some kind of handed-down tradition which I suppose derives from making masks by carving wood, which obviously happened and still happens in […]

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Wuon Gean – Mask Ka

Wuon Gean Ho uses linocut as part of a more complex process.  This is actually a screenprint, but the original cut marks form an integral part of the image.  By using screenprint, Wuon Gean is able to work on a large scale more easily, trying out multiple colour combinations before deciding on the end result. […]

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