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Tom Huck Hillbilly Kama Sutra linocut portfolio

Every once in a while I come across something which totally blows me away (usually on the great blog Printeresting). Tom Huck’s linocut print series ‘The Hillbilly Kama Sutra‘ is one of those things. He describes it as ‘fifteen linoleum cuts, all hillbillies having horrible sex in horrible situations with horrible outcomes’. What more could […]

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Animated linocut by Raj Bunnag

Another linocut animation, this one by Raj Bunnag. The linocut print itself is 7.5 ft long and is viewed while moving it past your eyes by turning a crank. I found this via the excellent blog PRINTERESTING which  is full of unusual and inspiring stuff.

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Linocut animation – Fire Fire I heard the cry

I just spotted this linocut animation by Amanda Moore and Drew Christie on PRINTERESTING – a fantastic blog if you haven’t seen it, all about printmaking but with some really unusual and interesting stuff. Fire Fire I Heard The Cry from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

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