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Bill Fick video – Anatomy of a linocut

Here’s a lovely little video I just found of Bill Fick (see earlier post here) making and printing a linocut. It shows the process from start to finish. I’m very jealous of his lovely studio and especially that electric press!! Anatomy of a Linocut by Bill Fick from Jim Haverkamp on Vimeo.

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Linocut Masks

Whilst randomly searching for linocuts on the internet I have come across some very nice images which I thought would make an inspiring post on the theme of masks. There seems to be some kind of handed-down tradition which I suppose derives from making masks by carving wood, which obviously happened and still happens in […]

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Barack Obama Mask

OK, it’s a woodcut, not a linocut but it’s nice nonetheless.  Found on Etsy: Pellinore Press

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