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Linocut, Linolschnitt, ЛИНОГРАВЮРА, gravure sur linoléum.

Did you know the Russian for linocut is ЛИНОГРАВЮРА? No, me neither. I didn’t even know my computer spoke Russian. Anyway, it does, and it has made me realise how anglo-centric my linocut experience is. In fact, our whole online experience is dictated by where we live and what language we speak. We think of […]

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Katja Schwalenberg linocut book

Sag Einfach Ja oder Nein! I found this lovely book of bright, bold linocuts by Katja Schwalenberg in Material and just had to buy it! In a way these linocuts embody what I have been striving for in some of my recent work – a sense of freedom and a childlike (even childish) playfulness. The […]

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