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New linocut print – Deep Sea Diver

My deep sea diver print is finally finished! It’s the first multi-coloured linocut I’ve made for ages, and the biggest. I’ve made bigger prints, like the T-Rex and Dodo, but used screenprint for the colours on those. This time I had to print and register seven separate lino blocks. Below is a photo showing the […]

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Deep Sea Diver linocut in progress

My linocut of a deep sea diver is coming along. I’m going to try and finish it this week and also to finish the film I have been making of my working process, from carving the block through to printing. I am still trying out colour combinations and deciding whether to add fish to the […]

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Steve Edwards – etched lino prints

My friend Steve Edwards has been making etching lino prints for a number of years. By applying caustic paste to the linoleum with brushes, cotton buds and other tools he is able to create a wide range of textures and marks. When I visited East London Printmakers studio yesterday he was working on some new […]

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