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Linocut geeks – John Peel illustration

Here’s my illustration of John Peel – the latest portrait in my Geek Heroes series of linocuts. I’ve also done Jarvis Cocker and Benedict Cumberbatch. All three are available from my Etsy shop. Let me know if you have any good ideas who else I can do (preferably British!) I used my lovely new ink […]

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Jarvis Cocker portrait in linocut

I’ve finally got round to carving and printing my portrait of Jarvis Cocker. It is one of a series of linocut portraits of geek heroes. I have also done Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock (see below). Both are available from my Etsy shop: Buy your Jarvis Cocker print! Buy your Benedict Cumberbatch print! You can click […]

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