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Gandhi Autobiography out now!

M. K. Gandhi – An autobiography The book cover I illustrated for the Folio Society is out at last! I made the portrait of Gandhi using linocut to create two layers which were scanned and then blocked onto the canvas of the book. The designer Sheri Gee took a detail from the image to use […]

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Gandhi Book Cover Illustration

This is an illustration of Gandhi I did recently for The Folio Society. I wanted to convey some of the complexity of Gandhi’s character while still giving the feeling of lightness. I used linocut to make this layer first, and a second, colour layer was created afterwards to go behind. The illustration will go on […]

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Gandhi portrait for The Folio Society

This is an illustration I did recently for Gandhi’s autobiography, to be published later this year by the Folio Society. It is of course a linocut. You can see the preparatory stages in cutting the lino below. The final illustration for the book cover will be two-colour and in the classic Folio Society look with […]

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