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skeleton hand

Linocuts: work in progress

Linocutting can be a slow process. In recent years I have taken on more and more complex projects and each time I kick myself when I am several weeks or months in and the end is still not in sight. I am currently working on a pretty big linocut of a pair of Mexican cowboys. […]

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Top Ten Tips for Linocutting

Here are my top ten tips for linocutting. Practise first Before you go straight into carving a design make a test print on a small piece of lino. Practise making a range of marks. Don’t worry about making a recognisable image, just play around and make as many different shaped cuts as you can – […]

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Deep Sea Diver linocut in progress

My linocut of a deep sea diver is coming along. I’m going to try and finish it this week and also to finish the film I have been making of my working process, from carving the block through to printing. I am still trying out colour combinations and deciding whether to add fish to the […]

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New linocut illustration – Lighthouse and clouds

This is the new linocut illustration I’m working on for French clothing company Aigle. They wanted an illustration in the same style as my book cover for Faber and Faber, but with a lighthouse and a stag. This one will go on the inside cover of the lookbooks for their winter 2013 collection. As with […]

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New! Linocut tool sets available here

I am often asked where to get good quality economical tools for linocut. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and styles, from the ubiquitous Speedball kits with the red handle and removable blades, through to the professional quality but quite pricey Pfeil tools that I use for my own work. Most of the cheap […]

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Linocut demonstration at High Roller Society

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to give a linocut demonstration at High Roller Society, who have just shown my latest linocut, Handbag, as part of their show Press and Release. It was a most enjoyable afternoon, with lots of enthusiastic visitors who were able to have a go at inking and printing […]

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