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New linocut print – Deep Sea Diver

My deep sea diver print is finally finished! It’s the first multi-coloured linocut I’ve made for ages, and the biggest. I’ve made bigger prints, like the T-Rex and Dodo, but used screenprint for the colours on those. This time I had to print and register seven separate lino blocks. Below is a photo showing the […]

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New linocut illustration – Lighthouse and clouds

This is the new linocut illustration I’m working on for French clothing company Aigle. They wanted an illustration in the same style as my book cover for Faber and Faber, but with a lighthouse and a stag. This one will go on the inside cover of the lookbooks for their winter 2013 collection. As with […]

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Wood Engraving greetings cards

Wood engravings! As greetings cards! Why didn’t I think of this before!  I’ve had these two little wood engravings of boys riding animals – one on a pony and one on a tortoise – sitting in my drawer for a while now. They’re not particularly accomplished technically as I’ve not done enough wood engraving to […]

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