Reduction linocuts of LA neon signs by Dave Lefner

I just found this amazing video of linocut artist Dave Lefner. Dave makes linocuts using the reduction printing technique, a high-risk and painstaking process. This video by Ric Serena is beautifully shot and really shows linocut at its colourful best. I love the way Dave is using linocut to capture the beauty of those old neon signs – it seems like the perfect match of medium and subject matter. The final prints look so luscious and the build-up of the layers of ink create a rich, shiny surface which I think mimics the signs really nicely.

The [ahr-tuh-zen] Project: Dave Lefner from Ric Serena on Vimeo.

Dave also speaks really eloquently about his art, what drives him to make linocuts and the pleasures and pains of practising such a specialist printmaking technique. He obviously works really hard and has a prolific output (I love the box of lino shavings that he collected over a year) but I have to admit to just a touch of envy when I saw his beautiful studio and press! Something to aim for…

Enjoy the video and check out the Dave Lefner website

Dave is represented by Skidmore Contemporary gallery if you want to buy his work

Dave Lefner – The Palace, 2008,  reduction linocut

Dave Lefner – Circus Liquor linocut