Pushing Print exhibition and Giant Print event in Margate

Pushing Print Festival logo

I’ve been busy helping organise Pushing Print, an annual festival of printmaking in Margate, where I live. Pushing Print is now in its fourth year and it’s even bigger and better. Last year I curated Big Ass, an exhibition of linocuts, which included eight artists from three countries and went on to three other venues around the UK. This year I set my sights slightly lower and I’m showing some screenprints I did with my dad at Forts, my favourite Margate cafe.

exhibition at Forts

I’ve also been more involved in organising and running Pushing Print. This year we had 168 submissions to the open exhibition, of which 68 were selected. Their work is being exhibited in two venues in Margate until the end of the month at Pie Factory gallery and Margate Gallery. It is also featured in the Pushing Print publication, in the form of a newspaper, which I put together with the help of Patrick George, our amazing designers.

Pushing Print exhibition

This weekend we’ve also been running the Giant Print event, where members of the public can make a monoprint with the help of a steamroller. Pushing Print was awarded funding this year so the Giant Print event is running over two days and some money was also available for three artist projects. Local linocut artist Hugh Ribbans is also here, printing his linocut Chicken Run IV. They are for sale for £100 each and he is kindly donating the proceeds to Pushing Print (we sold five yesterday – woohoo!)

Hugh Ribbans linocut

Below are a few more photos of the exhibition and Giant Print event. Pushing Print is also running a number of talks and workshops over the next two weekends. Details of all of these can be found on the Pushing Print festival website.

Pushing Print exhibition 2012
Pie Factory Margate
Steam roller printing
Steamroller monoprinting