New studio name – help please!

I’m in the early stages of setting up my own printmaking studio in Margate, my new home. It’s a great little town by the sea on the North Kent coast and I think it will be perfect for running printmaking workshops, both for the locals and for visitors (I’m thinking week-long courses in the summer). I also want a professionally equipped studio for myself where I can make larger linocuts and etchings and get back into screenprinting. And I want to give other artists the opportunity to use the space too, through drop-in sessions with technical support and residencies for visiting artists.

Another seaside studio – Barbara Hepworth’s

Overall I want the studio to be:

  • Professional and well-equipped
  • Friendly and accessible to a wide range of people
  • Environmentally responsible
  • A focal point for local artists
  • Dynamic and open to experimentation

So I’ve been reading up on starting your own business and trying to channel all my saved up Dragons Den attitude. I’ve found a potential location, started building up my mailing list, done a fair bit of research into demand and started on my business plan.

What’s in a name?

One thing I need to sort out early on is the name. This may seem obvious but the name is all-important. It’s got to convey what the studio is all about, be snappy and memorable and not already taken! I’ve been brainstorming and I’d like some feedback on my ideas so far, so please let me know what you think (don’t be shy!) Here’s the list:

1. Sand & Ink Printmaking studio

2. Matrix Print Workshop

3. Linocutboy Studio

4. The Print Station, Margate

5. Margate Print Workshop

I look forward to hearing your views, just add your comment at the bottom of this post.  And if you’d like to be added to my mailing list for future updates, please let me know. My email address is nickbmorley (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Summer on Margate main sands


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11 Responses to New studio name – help please!

  1. Lizzie says:

    I can see your challenge…
    Hmm… I do think it would be useful to include the name “Margate” in the title, but then you could use “XXX Studio, Margate” when you refer to it.
    It needs to be snappy and also to convey the idea that it's for printmakers/printmaking.

    I like “Linocutboy Studio” and also ideas 1 & 5. “The Print Station” sounds okay, but I wonder if people might think it's a print shop – like the places where you get your photocopies and wedding invitations done?
    I wonder if “Linocutboy” gives the impression it's only for lino printing?
    Hum… Is there anything wrong with “Morley Print Studio, Margate”? or “Morley Printmaking Studio, Margate”?
    I just think it might be nice to use your own name somewhere…
    But I also like the Sand idea too.

    Oh, another idea – is there a very obvious local landmark, just near the studio? Something that would make it obvious where the studio is within Margate – like a fountain, a belltower or special church.. that kind of thing? Or is the studio perhaps located in a special old building?

    Good luck – it's a tricky job!

  2. Nick Morley says:

    The (potential) space is in an old electricity substation, hence Print Station. Thanks for the extended feedback Lizzie, some good points!

  3. Jo Bradford says:

    My vote is with the Print Station, it just sounds really cool. Having read what you said to Lizzie, I am even more in favour of that name now!

    Good luck!

  4. Tracy Turner says:

    I do like the Print Station. My only other suggestion is something with the electricity theme, ie Electra Press. Electra is a great name and I don't think there are any other print studios by that name.

  5. Carole says:

    Or how about “Substation Print(making) Studio and Workshop”

    I do like that if you used “Linocutboy Studio”it would tie in with your blog

    You'll figure it all out! Congratulations again.

  6. Jacqui Dodds says:

    Hi Nick
    I like The Print Station Margate.

    Or perhaps something with Printmakers, or Printmaking in it:

    The Printmakers Station Margate,
    The Printmaking Station Margate,
    Margate Printmakers


  7. I like Margate Print Workshop, or Morley Print Workshop. Having “Margate” in the title locates it immediately for print makers in your area looking for a local facility. Most print workshops seem to have fairly basic names including the words “print workshop”: Leicester, Belfast (where I am a member), Galway, Artichoke, etc. Having “lino” in the name would probably make people think that there is only a facility for linocut, which is, of course, that funny thing children did at school in the fifties, before health and safety decreed it dangerous. And, yes, I am a linocutter, and yes, I have to explain it to people fairly often. Good luck!

  8. sue says:

    The Printmakers Station Margate,

    This one gets my vote – gives a location and leaves no doubt that it is for printmaking. I think people could easily confuse “The Print Station” with somewhere that does photocopying. Good luck with it all, it is a big project but I just know you will be successful and if you tire of Margate at some point, the Barossa Valley in Australia would also make an excellent location for a print studio – ah I dream on!

  9. Cally says:

    I think 'Linocutboy Studio'is a great name. It's different, cool, and lets people know it's a studio where you can do printmaking stuff (from the lino). I'm sure it'll be a success! Cally

  10. Sharon says:

    The Printmakers Station Margate has it all but Substation Printmaking is cooler?
    Good luck

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