New Linocut – Party Pigeon

My latest linocut, Party Pigeon, is now available from my shop. It is a three block print, with a colour blend on the background. I haven’t editioned this yet, the available print is an Artist Proof. I will be editioning it soon! Below are a few photos of the process of making the linocut. I hope this is of interest to those of you making cuts at home.

I started by drawing the outline for the key block in my sketchbook, then transferred this to a block of linoleum using carbon paper. I carved and printed this and then used tracing paper to offset print the outline onto a second and third block to use as a guide to cut those.

The colour blend is the subtlest I have attempted so far. The grey is mixed up of cyan, magenta and yellow ink and I added a touch of magenta and green to try to give it that iridescent look. This previous blogpost explains how to print a colour blend.

If you are interested in learning more about how I make my prints, or you’d like to learn how to linocut or improve your skills, I run regular workshops at Hello Print Studio in Margate as well as around the UK and in Italy at Opificio della Rosa. I have also written a book called Linocut for Artists and Designers, which is available from my Bigcartel shop.

Carving the block

Carving the block

Printing the key block

Colour blend

First and second blocks

The finished linocut


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2 Responses to New Linocut – Party Pigeon

  1. So great Nick – as a learnocutter it helps me so much! I also really apprecaited you explaining that it’s an artist’s proof and that you hadn’t editioned it yet – that’s what I’m struggling with. I make enough prints to know that I’m happy with my cut, but wouldn’t consider them editions. Are they just signed A/P, title and name until a proper edition is run? I’m trying to get enough together to open a store, but not sure I’d have editions by then – can I sell them as A/P? Is there a difference in the price? SO many questions 🙂 Thanks for teaching, it’s such a gift!

  2. rawini says:

    It looks easier to do lino when you show via picture.

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