New Dodo print – progress update

Here are some more photos of the Dodo with a Yoyo linocut that I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks for my exhibition at Material in Ludlow next month. The lino took about 3 days to carve then another day to print the first layer. Once that was dry I started adding colours through screenprint. I use thin layers of screenprinting ink over the black lino image which allows the black ink to come through. It adds a nice richness to the black and it’s much easier to register (line up) the different layers this way.
Here is the lino block before and after inking up:

And this is one of the prints on the roller of the large etching press at East London Printmakers, where I make my prints:

This is the lino block together with a proof (trial print) on newsprint paper. This always gives a lovely crisp print but unfortunately the paper quickly goes yellow over time so it is usually only used for test prints.

To make the silkscreen photostencil I cut out the shapes with a scalpel from a sheet of black sugar paper. I used the newsprint proof on top to cut through as a guide. The final print will have about 7 colours and each colour has to have its own stencil on the screen.

He is a shot of the silkscreen with the photostencil on it (at the top) and the print on the vacuum printing table showing where the first layer of colour went. I made a colour blend which gives a really lovely effect but increases the failure rate when printing as it’s quite tricky to get it perfect!

I will post more images soon. The print will be available to buy at my exhibition at Material in Ludlow from 16th April and through my Etsy shop.