More thoughts on what to name my new studio

Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on what to call my new printmaking studio in Margate. So far the clear leader is ‘Print Station’ or a variable thereof. I like it a lot, it sounds like a no-nonsense studio where you can go and get some printing done. Unfortunately that’s exactly what several other businesses have thought and so the obvious urls have already been taken by commercial printers (copyshops basically, which is something I definitely don’t want to get confused with).

completely unrelated Margate photo

So it’s back to the drawing board I think. I was lying in bed at 3am this morning with all these ideas relentlessly barging into my head in a very annoying manner. You know how when you think of an idea in the middle of the night (awake or in a dream) it can seem like the BEST IDEA EVER?! Well, I came up with one last night and here it is:

Kiss print studio

It’s a bit different, which is partly why I like it. It’s also a printing term, the kiss being the moment the block touches the paper and a measure of the quality of the printing action (eg ‘got a beautiful kiss on that one’). I also like it because it’s friendly – kiss someone hello – and it can be used in lots of different wordplays, which I’m really fond of, for example:

Kiss and Make Art

Kiss me Quick (relates to the British seaside, which is where Margate is)

Kiss my Art (sorry)

So let me know what you think! I’m still a bit dazed from lack of sleep so please do tell me if you think it’s terrible. It’s very possible that it is.

btw maybe part of the reason I couldn’t sleep was over-stimulation from going to see the Yayoi Kusama show yesterday at Tate Modern in London. I urge you to go, it’s worth it just to experience the installation in the last room which feels like you are seeing are seeing through the Matrix of the universe to discover that everything is just made up of beautiful points of light.


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6 Responses to More thoughts on what to name my new studio

  1. I gotta say I like Margate Station Prints (or variant) best. Somehow the Margate print wording conjures a romantic, British-seaside, hand-made, image in my mind. But that's maybe just a U.S. Anglophile thing 🙂 Good luck with it, in any case!

  2. Oh yes I love Kiss Print Studio, I've always loved the expression and as you say; plenty of scope for word play. It's friendly and cheerful and giving. Good 3am work!

  3. Oh and I'm off to the mainland tomorrow to see yahoo!!!! Hooray

  4. Tanja says:

    I like it, but only after reading that it's also a printmaking term. So maybe not so hot for them as is new to printmaking. Depends. Thanks for the heads up on the Yayoi Kusuma show, a friend who knows her work well said she was underwhelmed since many of her most important pieces are at another exhibition running concurrently in Europe. However, why would that matter if I don't know her work well? Will def go and see for myself.

  5. frisky says:

    I love the old van photo, have you done a lino cut of it. I’d love to have a crack at it,

    Your blog is excellent by the way, it’s inspired me to start to do some lino cuts 25 years after I finished art college and i’ve not picked up a lino cut tool in anger since so looking forward to collevting a few blisters in the name of art..



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