Low Tech Print linocut feature

I am delighted to be featured in a new book called Low Tech Print by Caspar Williamson. It features artists and designers from around the world who use low tech printing techniques, including silkscreen, letterpress, linocut and gocco printing. Some of my favourite linocut artists are also featured, including Bill Fick and James Brown.

The book is exquisitely designed, with a heavily embossed cover designed by Pentagram on a carefully considered grey card stock.

Each section has a useful explanation of the featured technique, with photos of the working processes. It is a great resource for anyone wanting to find out more about these printing techniques and the practitioners who use them. There is even a glossary in the back for all those specialist printing terms and a list of contributers’ websites.

Low Tech Print is published by Lawrence King and is available to buy from their website. Or you can support your local bookshop and buy it from them!


low_tech_cover_detail   low_tech_morley