Linoleum: The Cutting Edge exhibition of linocuts

The exhibition of linocuts I curated opened last night at HemingwayArt, Oxford. We had a great turnout and there was a huge amount of interest in the work which was very gratifying after all our efforts! Here are a few photos…

Left: Victoria Browne. Right: Bill Fick

Wine waiting to be guzzled

Prints by Peter Rapp

Wuon Gean Ho‘s animation and prints of a dancing dress

My print ‘Ghost’ and Chris Pig‘s print ‘Who Killed Sugarbaby?’


Steve Edwards‘ Bigface greets visitors

Nice turnout at the private view

Lots of interest in Mark Andrew Webber‘s work

For more info on the exhibition and if you’re interested in buying any of the prints, visit the HemingwayArt website