Linocut workshops and other printmaking courses in Margate

I am planning to run a series of linocut workshops and other printmaking workshops like etching and possibly screenprinting over the next year here in Margate. One idea is to run two kinds of printmaking workshops – evening classes for local printmakers and weekend classes for artists from further afield, like London.

At the moment I only have space in my studio for two or three students at a time but I am planning to set up a larger printmaking studio in Margate in the near future. This will provide print facilities for artists to come and learn in a professional set-up and hopefully add to the regeneration of the area which was boosted by the opening of Turner Contemporary and other projects like Pushing Print and Marine Studios.

So I’m putting a call out to all potential workshop users in Margate and beyond – are you interested? And if so, what kind of printmaking workshops would you most like to see? Linocut, etching, drypoint, monoprint, screenprint? Please let me know what you think. Also what kind of course would suit you – evenings, one-day workshops or full weekend courses?

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions! Thanks.

Here’s a taster of Margate street life:


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  1. Lizzie says:

    Oh wow, this would be great! I'm just about to go off to Spain – on Friday – for a week of printmaking courses, with the fab. Mariann Johansen-Ellis (
    I'll be doing a basic linocut course – 2 days – done linoprinting before, but I'm sure I will still learn loads. Then there is a 3-day reduction linocuts course – a skill/craft I am very keen to try.
    If there were workshops in Margate, I wouldn't have to fly to Spain… well, not unless I wanted to!
    I live in Bedfordshire, so obviously Margate is a bit of a trek, but not as far as Andalusia… I might well be interested in trying some more linocuts, but also other printmaking skills too. Probably not until at least the autumn now as I've spent my pocket money…
    Good luck with getting this started – I hope you get lots of interest!

  2. Linocutboy says:

    Thanks Lizzie,
    Have a great time in Spain! Check back for workshops in the Autumn. As part of the Pushing Print festival her in October we will be organising workshops around the theme of Applied Printmaking. I'll post details when I have them!

  3. Fiona K says:

    Would really like to do a course! Great plan. I liook forward to getting the details and booking up .

  4. Ann Morris says:

    Are you up and running? I would like to learn more about etching having started some years back, when the studio I went to closed – any chance of tuition and practice at hellostudio?

  5. Ann Morris says:

    Are you up and running?
    Are you open to eager learners?

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