Linocut starter kit available now on Etsy

My linocut starter kit is now available to buy from my online linocutboy etsy shop.

This linocut starter kit is perfect for anyone who wants to have a go at carving and printing their own linocuts. The kit contains a set of six linocutter tools, a tube of ink, an ink roller (brayer) and five pieces of lino. I have put this kit together myself using carefully chosen components from different suppliers and I believe it is the best you will find for this price range. All you will need is some paper and a spoon for printing!

Tools – a set of six tools: two v-gouges, two u-gouges and two shallow gouges giving a wide range of possiblities for mark-making. These tools are much sharper than most others available in this price range.

Ink – the ink is water-washable but prints extremely well. I use it for my own work (and I’m very serious about my linocuts!). Cleans up very easily with water and a bit of soap. The ink stays wet for several hours while you are working so it’s ideal for doing long print runs. The prints will take a day or so to dry.

Roller – hard rubber roller. Good rollers are expensive, so I have selected one which will give excellent results for this price range. The roller is just over 5cm (2in) wide.

Lino – this is easy-cut lino (not traditional linoleum) which is very easy to carve and has a smooth side and a textured side for a slightly different look when printing. Gives excellent results and holds very fine detail. The kit contains 5 pieces each 7.5 x 7.5cm (3 x 3in)

Box – the kit comes in a sturdy box made of recycled card and printed with my linocutboy logo!

An instruction booklet will be available soon to accompany the kit.

Happy printing!

Here’s a test print I made very quickly: