Sgraffito plate

Linocut and clay workshop

One of my aims for this year was to collaborate with other artists. Hello Print Studio provides the perfect setting for this. Hello is the printmaking studio I set up last year in Margate and is housed at Resort Studios, an open-plan multi-disciplinary space with a constant stream of creative minds flowing in and out. This means I get to meet lots of cool people and talk to them about the possibilities of working in print.

Last year I met Heather Mathieson, who wanted to brush up on her etching knowledge. In addition we did a bit of linocut and that’s when she became hooked. She quickly produced a series of beautiful linocuts of animals, all perfectly carved. Heather also makes pots, something my dad also did when I was small. Since last year Heather has started running pottery workshops in Herne Bay. As this is something which nobody at Resort currently does I thought it would be interesting to collaborate. We are now planning a linocut and clay workshop in autumn, once we have done a bit more research.

In the meantime, here are some images of the kind of thing we might do.

This first image is by Zach Medler, who I have featured before on this blog. Zach prints and embosses from a linocut onto wet clay slabs which he then uses to construct 3D objects. He also prints onto pots.

Zach Medler ceramic

linocut teapot

Kathy King uses a technique called sgrafitto. Similar to linocut, the clay is carved into with gouges and other tools, having been first coated in a glaze or coloured slip.


Sgraffito plate

For details of all upcoming workshops, visit the Hello Print Studio workshops page.


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2 Responses to Linocut and clay workshop

  1. David Oelman says:

    As the home of Edward Bawden, master linocut artist, could we have a mention in your ‘Galleries’ ? I really like the PINOCCHIO print, please do some more linocuts!


  2. Hi, my name is Boo and I am an artist specialising in ceramics, Lino print and photography image transfer. I am doing an MA in ceramics at the moment. I hold workshops concentrating on ceramics, but I would love to chat. I have some ideas but was told in my assessment that I am not pushing myself. I would love a chat/brainstorm? btw, my I apologise for my website, it is a work in progress!

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