Book cover for Linocut for Artists and Designers

Linocut for Artists and Designers book – pre-order now

Linocut for Artists and Designers, the book I have been writing, is available to pre-order now, I’m delighted to announce! After three years of hard work, more than ten days of photo shoots with Hazeleigh Prebble and many sessions with my designer, Ian Youngs, I have received the first advance copy! It looks brilliant and I am very happy and relieved to finally see it in print (thank you to Rachel Allen at Crowood Press for sticking with me!)

The main shipment is currently on a boat somewhere between Malaysia and the UK and is due to arrive around 10th June. I will send out your order as soon as the books arrive, along with an exclusive Linocutboy bookplate.

Book cover for Linocut for Artists and Designers

Linocut for Artists and Designers – book cover

Linocut for Artists and Designers

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Linocut for Artists and Designers is a complete practical guide to linocut. The book covers everything you need to know about this versatile and accessible medium, from choosing the right tools and materials, to planning your design, carving and printing. It explores how linocut can be used in different ways, from fine art prints and illustration, to product design and fashion. Illustrated throughout with clear, step-by-step photographs and examples of work by the author and other artists and designers from around the world.

Eight international artists and designers are featured in-depth with interviews and images: Bill Fick, AGUGN, Sonia Romero, Deborah Klein, Jesse Breytenbach, Zach Medler, James Brown and Steve Edwards.

Each book comes with an exclusive hand-printed linocut bookplate, signed by me. (Not available via Amazon or Waterstones!)

Softback book, 176 pages with over 300 images. Published by Crowood Press.



1 Materials and Equipment
2 Getting Started
3 Printing on a Press
4 Black and White
5 Colour
6 Fine Art Prints, Illustration and Graphics
7 Fabric Printing, Paper Products and Artist’s Books
8 Advanced Techniques

List of Suppliers

Below are previews of some of the pages from the book. Click each image to link to a larger version.

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18 Responses to Linocut for Artists and Designers book – pre-order now

  1. Anna says:

    Hi – been trying to buy your book but Waterstones cancelled my order, and Amazon say it’s unavailable. I’m leaving Uk quite soon to. Live overseas … Was really hoping to be able to2 get a copy in time to go with my shipping … Are you able to help… Has the publication been delayed maybe?
    Many thanks. Anna

    • Nick Morley says:

      Hi Anna, delivery has been delayed, sorry. I’m hoping they will arrive this week and I will send them out as soon as I can. Nick

  2. Mog says:

    Thanks so much Nick! It arrived in the post today! I’m really looking forward to reading it! Best wishes Mog

  3. Matt Strong says:

    My copy arrived last week – EXCELLENT! I’ve been doing linoprint work for a few years, with some training (a few evening classes) – but have found little literature dedicated to the methods and techniques of linoprinting in the way this book is. The book is written in a really accessible way but has a real depth of information i would expect to be of interest to people with more experience than me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in linoprinting.

    Thank you! I look forward to exploring the book further – Matt

  4. Rob says:

    My other half got me this for fathers day! She used to chat to you about it at the post office and has been on a preorder list for a while. It’s an amazing book with so much attention to detail and depth. its got techniques and tips you just won’t find anywhere else!

    Congrats, its really great. Rob

  5. Tricia Stayte says:

    Hi. I ordered your book recently, and just want to say I’m delighted with it. It’s a thing of beauty! Everything simply explained with clear illustrations. Also, loved the little print inside.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  6. Deborah Vass says:

    I have just sent way for your book after reading marvellous reviews! I have just starting making linocuts but, as I am self-taught, am making so many mistakes that I am sure could be easily avoided! By sheer coincidence, having spent an afternoon fiddling with registration, I googled for help and up came your post and found it really helpful (I didn’t realise that you were Nick Morley!) I look forward to being further enlightened!

  7. Fraser Donachie says:

    Hi Nick – I was a tad sceptical about your new book (sorry!) but I’ve already learned a lot and it’s a great supplement to some practical knowledge that I’ve picked up – so many thanks. I have another way to use a book press that works well for me – if you wish I can explain in a separate post. For now I just wanted to pass on a micro-tip – if you’d like some “fluffy” edges on your mark-making to create some grainy effects on the print then I have found that a Glass Fibre Pencil is very handy. It acts like sandpaper (abrasive) but you can target it very precisely on your lino design. I got mine when I used to do railway modelling (oops) but have now found a new use for it! Cheers – Fraser

  8. Lizzie Horne says:

    Hi Nick, I am in Australia and would like to order your book. Where can I order it?

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  10. Lois Tonkin says:

    Can I order you book please Nick? I’m in New Zealand

  11. Dinah D says:

    Hi Nick, can you tell me how much your book is in CAD?

  12. Sharyn Jones says:

    Hello, I bought your book last year and love it. I have always loved doing linocuts and it’s not easy to get books on it (not where I live anyway ….rural Australia.)

    Have read it cover to cover and applied the techniques and ideas and like all things – I find the more my work improves – the more I enjoy it…..then the more I enjoy it – the more it improves. and so on and so on

    Am even going to try opening my own etsy store soon.

  13. Kay says:

    I purchased your book the other day Nick. It’s the best book on lino cut I have. It is written with such a clarity and detail. I am a beginner and inspired by your book. Thank you…

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