Ink rollers

I recently bought some new ink rollers. I have quite a good collection now so I thought I’d take a pic and do a fake instagram job on it. Here’s the result!

Ink rollers

Some day when I have more time I’ll write about the different rollers I’ve used, what brands to buy and what kind of roller you need for different printmaking jobs.


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5 Responses to Ink rollers

  1. Lizzie says:

    Love the Instagram effect! Good lot of rollers too … I own 2. And one of those is rubbish!
    Some time I'll have a “collection of rollers”, but just now, my one little roller is not at all bad – and it'll do!
    Fun post, Nick!

  2. anne jan says:

    Oh please do make a post about your favorite rollers; it would be very interesting to read.

  3. Lee says:

    I’m looking for one of the double handle rollers myself as I tend to get a more even coverage with them – where did you get yours from? I’m scouting the interwebs but can’t find one anywhere!

  4. visualiza says:

    Where did you manage to purchase a biggest one (one what reminds a lito roller….)?

  5. Jasmina Nedanovski says:

    Hello. Could you ples say where did you buy them. Is it possible to buy it on the net ? Thanks

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