First workshop at Hello Print Studio

Yesterday I ran my first workshop for some Margate friends at Hello Print Studio. It felt amazing to finally have the space and equipment to teach printmaking again. I used to teach regular etching, screenprinting and linocut workshops at East London Printmakers and I miss the buzz of having a studio full of people excited about learning something new.

linocut workshop

The workshop was a chance for some of the members of Resort Studios to get together and do something creative but also to test the layout of the studio. Everything worked well, the only drawback being the cold, but once we get the heating tested and switched on it will be quite cosy.

Here are the test blocks. This is something I get everyone to do in my workshops to get used to the tools and explore the different marks they can make:


We printed everything on the etching press. You can see the runners along each side which keep the roller at the correct height. Here is the first print coming off the press and a photo of the finished prints:



I hope to be running workshops for the public starting in May. If you’d like to be added to my mailing list, please contact me. Or if you’re on twitter you can keep up with all the Hello Print Studio news by following @hellomargate

This summer I’m also running workshops in London and Italy. See the workshops page for up-to-date information.