Dodo a gogo

My Dodo with a yoyo print is finished! It is a linocut and screenprint measuring 60 x 50cm and it will be available to buy from Material from the opening night of my exhibition “Nick Morley’s World of Wonder” on 15th April.

Dodo prints on the drying rack

Screenprinting table set up at East London Printmakers

The final print. The yoyo is quite a bright pink, my photo doesn’t really do it justice! Here are the exhibition details:
Nick Morley’s World of Wonder
An exhibition inspired by exploration, discovery and adventure
16th April – 13th May 2011
131 Corve St, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2PG
tel: 07966 165 777 / 07885 687059
Map here


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6 Responses to Dodo a gogo

  1. how did you print that thin layer of screen print? seems it didn't affect the black at all. great print. well done!

  2. Andrew Stone says:

    As a moku hanga printer I'm always jealous of the opacity and power of silkscreen and oil-based inks.
    Great quirky image and I like the old-time feel of the linocut with the hot pink yo-yo.
    Good luck on your show/opening.

  3. Linocutboy says:

    Thanks for the comments. The screenprint inks are water-based (Lascaux) acrylics which are mostly screenprinting paste with only a tiny bit of colour in. The black lino ink (which is oil-based) shows through almost 100% but also becomes deeper and richer where the screen inks go over it. I've used this technique quite a lot and it makes it really easy to register!

  4. dberube-art says:

    Now that is a gorgeous print. Very nice!!!!

  5. Jenny Lineham says:

    I saw your dodo on Etsy a while ago and lusted after it.

    Funds were tight then but now I have a few pennies to spare.

    Do you still have a print for sale?


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