Deep Sea Diver linocut in progress

My linocut of a deep sea diver is coming along. I’m going to try and finish it this week and also to finish the film I have been making of my working process, from carving the block through to printing.

I am still trying out colour combinations and deciding whether to add fish to the print. The lino blocks also need trimming as they are not registering properly at the moment.


My roller is not big enough to ink the whole block in one go, which is not really what you want if you are doing a colour blend! Instead I am using a combination of rollers. On the left hand diver below you can see I messed up the boots! I carved the block in a rush and got it back to front. Schoolboy error! The one on the right is correct, but doesn’t have the key block added.


I’ll post my video on here as soon as it’s finished, together with pics of the final print.