Deep sea diver linocut film on vimeo

I’m excited to announce I have a new film out. It was filmed and edited by Hazeleigh Prebble, a talented filmmaker based in Margate. We spent three days filming and Hazeleigh put his heart and soul into editing it into the coolest linocut documentary ever. Well the coolest one I’ve ever seen, anyway.

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  1. Sean says:


    Thank you for this little fly-over of your printing process. I enjoyed it. The rainbow roll and puzzle piece elements to your lino were especially interesting. Thanks again!

  2. Lovely little video of your print in progress.. I have studio envy as I work in a much smaller space at the end of my garden!

  3. Jackie says:

    Very enjoyable and interesting to see your process .

  4. Hbarrett says:

    Thanks for sharing…fun to watch and beautiful work! I too envy your workspace :). Look forward to seeing more!

  5. This was fabulous….. the image is great, and the colors are perfect and the carving was excellent. What did you add to the black ink with the dropper? I’ll be sharing this. Really, really nice.

    • Nick Morley says:

      Hi Belinda,
      Thanks! The substance I added to the ink was cobalt driers to speed up the drying time. They are Caligo safe-wash inks, which take a long time to dry otherwise.

  6. Karin Meira says:

    ….seeing this video has inspired me to finally open the package of three basic chisels I bought over one month ago! I remember so well the printing I did and so very much enjoyed in Art College back in the 80’s. I suppose I shouldn’t postpone to start the carving any longer! …..I even know what image I want to start with………

    Thank you, Nick!


  7. Hannah HK says:

    Loved this! Where do you order your lino from? I’ve been trying to source an A3 or bigger piece for a while but no luck!
    Also, was that two separate prints, essentially laid on top of one another?
    You should write a book!

  8. Lovely video, great advert for linocutting and nicely filmed and edited. Well done all involved!

  9. Simon P says:

    Hi Nick great video, I’ve been waiting to see the finished print since you first mentioned it……..Although, I am mildly disappointed because I was expecting some sort of twist to the image, like the handbag with your Trex.

  10. Jess says:

    Incredible video! I am a novice linocut fiend, and have thus far only worked in single colors + the page color. What did you cover your carved linoleum with to add the color for your first layer? I’d like to try this on a piece I’m finishing. Thanks for such a rich and accessible resource!

  11. Rika says:

    wow really like that

  12. Rob says:

    That’s a fantastic video, I also have the studio envy 😉

    Is he a reduction lino cut, or did you use a new block for the black?

    Thanks for sharing

    • Nick Morley says:

      Hi Rob, I’m glad you like the video. The print was made with seven blocks, the black was a separate block.

  13. Chris says:

    Hi Nick,

    many thanks for these interesting insights into your printing process. I really enjoy your work and spent quite a few hours watching them and reading your blog the other day. I started cutting two months ago with hard lino and – inspired by this video – now decided to change to soft linoleum. I think it could make learning easier for me. Again – thanks for the insights.


  14. Stephanie says:

    Hello, I’m a teacher in the U.S. and I LOVED showing your video to my students as a way to introduce linocut… I’m so sad it’s been taken down…

  15. Tim Horton says:

    Can you repost the video please?

  16. Amy Johnson says:

    Would LOVE to show the video to my students! Would you consider reloading it? It is the most entertaining, attention grabbing video that I have seen, and my fifth graders are always so excited to get into printmaking after viewing.

    Please? Pretty please?

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