Darrel Perkins linocuts

Every now and then to take a break from carving and printing linocuts I google ‘linocut’ just to see what happens (should I get out more? Almost certainly).

Today’s search came up with Rhode Island based Illustrator Darrel Perkins. Below are a selection of my favourite prints from his website. Enjoy!

It id what it id (Sigmund Freud)

Dreams as Infantile

Illustration for The Outsider by Camus

Life As a Fish (Jacques Cousteau)


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5 Responses to Darrel Perkins linocuts

  1. Sue Brown says:

    I am sorry to admit I spend time googling collagraph and enamel. But it is a great sorce of information.

  2. I feel guilty to admit that I do the same but it's how I found your blog so I have no regrets! 🙂

  3. Lizzie says:

    I probably should get out more too – I love to look at people's print findings on Pinterest and blogs!

    These prints are really great. I can see some interesting similarities, with some of your own pieces – did you feel the same way?

    I like the Sigmund Freud print and the illustration for the Camus. The Jaques Cousteau book cover is just cool.

    Darrel Perkins does seem to have a great way of conveying the idea of his theme. A lot of movement and texture in his prints too. I like them!

  4. Nick Morley says:

    Seems like we're all equally sad and lonely. Lizzie, yes, I like the sense of humour in Darrel's work and also his playful approach to composition. He really exploits the qualities of linocut well. All things I try to do!

  5. These are amazing. There are some really talented Lino artists out there. Yourself included!

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