Linocut illustration Maya Angelou

Linocut illustration Project: A Little History of Poetry

I’ve been working on a linocut illustration project for the book A Little History of Poetry. The book is part of the Little History series and will be published in 2020 by Yale University Press. The other books in the series also feature linocut illustration by some fantastic artists, including Clifford Harper, Sarah Young and […]

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Linocut Artist’s Book with Vacuum Editions

I just got back from Italy where I was making an artist’s book printed with linocut and letterpress. The book is part of a project called Vacuum Editions by Opificio della Rosa and is led by Umberto Giovannini. Vacuum Editions is an ongoing series featuring different artists, who come to Opificio della Rosa to illustrate […]

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Linocut illustration of woman with a phone

Linocut illustrations for the V&A Museum

I was recently commissioned to make a series of linocut illustrations for the V&A Museum in London. Each illustration represents one type of visitor to the museum and was part of a concertina booklet which was given to each of the museum’s 1000 staff. Before I made the illustrations as linocuts I provided a series […]

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linocut of a whale

Giant Whale Linocut – Live Printing at London Illustration Fair 2017

I’ll be printing my giant Whale linocut at the London Illustration Fair on 1/2/3 December. This linocut is the biggest I’ve ever carved and was made originally for a steamroller printing event organised by Ditchling Museum of Art+Design. These days I don’t have access to a steamroller so I have to print it using a […]

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New Linocut – Party Pigeon

My latest linocut, Party Pigeon, is now available from my shop. It is a three block print, with a colour blend on the background. I haven’t editioned this yet, the available print is an Artist Proof. I will be editioning it soon! Below are a few photos of the process of making the linocut. I […]

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Linocutboy talk at Belfast Print Workshop

I’ll be giving a talk about my work and the wonders of linocut at Belfast Print Workshop on 25th February. For more details visit the BPW website.

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Linocut steamroller printing

Steamroller printing is something I have done a few times but it never gets boring. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have seen the photos of the Big Steam Print event in Brighton which I was invited to take part in recently. For this event I made my biggest linocut to date, […]

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Book cover for Linocut for Artists and Designers

Linocut for Artists and Designers book – pre-order now

Linocut for Artists and Designers, the book I have been writing, is available to pre-order now, I’m delighted to announce! After three years of hard work, more than ten days of photo shoots with Hazeleigh Prebble and many sessions with my designer, Ian Youngs, I have received the first advance copy! It looks brilliant and […]

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Hand printing linocut with a spoon

Hand printing linocut with a spoon is something I teach in my workshops but I have never used this technique for anything bigger than a cereal box. It requires patience and effort, as you have to burnish the paper hard to get it to take the ink fully. Well, I needed the patience of a […]

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Big Steam Print event – Biggest linocut ever!

I’m working on my biggest linocut ever for the Big Steam Print event in Brighton on 22nd May. Big Steam Print is a project organised by Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft and I was invited to take part alongside such linocut nobility as Angie Lewin, Rob Ryan and Jonny Hannah. Selected artists were invited […]

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