Anonima Impressori letterpress studio, Bologna

On my recent visit to Italy (where I was teaching a linocut and letterpress workshop) I visited the studio of Veronica Bassini in Bologna. Anonima Impressori is tucked away down a quiet street to the west of the city and is full of drawers of type and printing presses rescued from typography studios all over Italy. The studio is a labour of love for Veronica and her three colleagues, who spent two months installing the equipment.

anonima_impressori Veronica

The drawers of type date back as far as the 1920s. Many of them are kept in their original drawers which are marked with their place of origin.



This typeface is called fregio mecano and consists of different shaped blocks which can be arranged into letters.


Here is a poster printed with the fregio mecano blocks.


Veronica has spent many hours organising the type and furniture (all the other pieces which go around the type to hold it in place). These spacers are so tiny! I photographed them with my finger to give an idea of scale.


There is a real love of old materials and a sharp eye for design in the studio. Large white enamel lightshades hang from the ceiling and one wall is adorned with a giant letter ‘a’.

shelves letter_a

Even the wooden floor was reclaimed, rescued from a shopkeeper who was about to throw it in a skip. And isn’t this the most beautiful stool you’ve ever seen?


Here are a couple more of the posters Veronica has printed. For more info, visit the Anonima Impressori website

poster lino_posterfestival