Animated linocut by Raj Bunnag

Another linocut animation, this one by Raj Bunnag. The linocut print itself is 7.5 ft long and is viewed while moving it past your eyes by turning a crank. I found this via the excellent blog PRINTERESTING which  is full of unusual and inspiring stuff.


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2 Responses to Animated linocut by Raj Bunnag

  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow, that is pretty amazing!
    Reminds me of the paintings of Hell, by Hieronymus Bosch! It's a fascinating piece of work and the method of viewing it no doubt gives it even more impact. The detail is fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing this, Nick!

  2. Oh man Raj is my buddy! He's such a chill and awesome guy and he spent so much time making this! :]

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