10% off linocut supplies at Jackson’s Art

Jackson’s Art Supplies are currently offering 10% off linocut supplies. I particularly recommend the Swiss Pfeil carving tools, which I use myself. They are usually £12.20 each (inc VAT) which is the cheapest I’ve found, but now they are just £10.98 each, which is an absolute steal!

They also have quite a nice looking sharpening stone for under a fiver.

Right, I’m going to stock up for my workshops!

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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for this tip, Nick – as a result I now have 3 serious tools for the first time. They didn’t have exactly the ones I wanted but I plan to get a couple of others from Classic Tools. Wow, that first push through the lino with such a perfect edge feels so rewarding.

    In a previous post, you threatened to give some advice about sharpening but I can’t find it. Can I give you a gentle reminder, as I now need to take the subject very seriously? These new tools deserve the best treatment!

    All the best for 2013.

  2. Jesse Liwag says:

    Hi, thanks for the tip.

    Which Pfeil tools should a beginner start with? L12 and L8?

  3. Tim says:

    Hi Nick – can I again ask about the sharpening help/advice you were going to offer? I know you are very busy these days but it is really hard to know how to preserve these beautiful Pfeil cutters. Hope you can find the time.

    Kind regards


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